Discovered the Cochylimorpha scalerciana, a new species of lepidoptera, endemic to Sila.

La Sila does not stop surprising! A new discovery increases the biodiversity hosted by the Park, the Cochylimorpha scalerciana moth belonging to the family of tortricidae.

In the course of research funded by the Park and conducted by dr. Stefano Scalercio, researcher of the Forests and Wood Research Center of Rende belonging to the Council for research in agriculture and the analysis of the agrarian economy, some males of a still unknown species have been found.

The material has been sent to prof. Pasquale Trematerra of the University of Molise, the leading Italian specialist in this family, who studied it coming to the conclusion that it is a new species for science.

The results of this research will shortly be published in the international scientific journal Redia. The species was found for the first time at the Vivaio Sbanditi, Sila Grande, then other males were also found in other places on the plateau.

His closest relative lives in the western Alps and probably the long genetic isolation between the populations of these two areas has been the basis of the evolution of a new species. The female remains to be discovered and to reveal many secrets concerning her biology!

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