Winter activities that can be practiced at sila national park

The Silano Plateau with Sila National Park, also in this period of the year offer the possibility, to the mountain lovers, to carry out many and at the same time suggestive sporting activities.

Of course for most of it must need to have a minimum of athletic preparation, because they require a greater effort, seen and considered that they take place through the paths of the Park that, compared to the summer, in this period obviously are covered by the snow and consequently much heavier, as they used to say, in addition to low temperatures.

We are talking about activities such as trail running, downhill skiing, Nordic skiing, fat biking or snowshoeing. The first, trail running, is a walking race that takes place in a natural environment as well as in summer it is also practiced in winter, and in this period practicing this sport, as well as requiring careful preparation, also allows you to appreciate the evocative landscapes offered by the Sila National Park, thanks to the presence of the white blanket.

For bike lovers, it is possible to ride the fat bikes that are mountain bikes with the fattest wheels respect the usual, to be able to cycle across snowy trails and also in this case as in fat running, it takes two good lungs.

Less competitive is the walk on snowshoes, which allow you to move easily on foot on fresh snow as it increases the trampled surface and therefore also the flotation. At the end, you can practice the various disciplines on skiing, from alpine to nordic.

Definitely, a multiform National Park of Sila that at any time of the year it is possible to visit it, live and appreciate it, carrying out numerous sport activities.

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